Children of Eden Relaxed Performance
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Children of Eden Relaxed Performance




We’re delighted to be working with our friends at the YESOS Youth Musical Theatre group again this year.


On Friday 5th August, they’ll be holding a special relaxed performance of Children of Eden at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. It’s a fantastic show from the creator of Wicked, which tells the story of Noah’s Ark and all money raised at the relaxed performance comes directly to All Stars!


This is a shorter version of the show which lasts about an hour and has no interval, and the auditorium will have soft lighting, plus any loud or sharp noises will be reduced.


Audience members are free to bring toys and fidgets, make as much noise as they need to and leave the theatre whenever necessary.


For more details and to book tickets, follow this link: BOOK TICKETS



We’ll be providing a specialised, custom-made ‘Cool Down’ area with a sensory den full of light up fidgets, a colouring area and much more, so there’s always somewhere to go if things do get too much.




Full details on the Relaxed Performance can be found here:  RELAXED PERFORMANCE