Fundraise and Donate Online


There are lots of great ways that everyone can raise funds for All Stars or donate to us online.
You, your friends, your work colleagues, your school, your family…anyone can
help us continue raising awareness and self-esteem simply by raising us some funds, and here’s how…


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One of the easiest ways to fundraise for us is via Facebook. You can set up a fundraiser for any reason: a birthday, anniversary or just because you fancy doing something that makes a difference. Click on the image or visit this page and press the ‘+ Raise Money’ button to get started.



If you want better odds than both the National Lottery and the Health Lottery, then joining the Giving Lottery could be the perfect way to support us. Each week there’s a draw with a top prize of £25,000 as well as various smaller prizes, and you have a ONE IN FIFTY CHANCE of winning something every time.
Tickets cost £1 each and 40 pence of that goes directly to us! Visit this page to get started.

A full explanation of how it works can be found here: HOW IT WORKS



If you know anyone who uses Amazon, do let them know they can support us for FREE using Amazon Smile. Just click on this Support Autism All Stars link, save it to your ‘Favourites’ bar and use it every time you shop at Amazon. They’ll then donate a small percentage directly to us and it will cost you nothing.




2-the-giving-machine-logo_3column00_nospace_landscapeAnother fantastic way to raise FREE money for All Stars is by ‘giving as you shop’ using a company called The Giving Machine. It’s a brilliant non-profit organisation which directs shoppers to a huge variety of retailers. Retailers pay them a ‘finder’s fee’ and they pay a percentage of that fee directly to us!
They currently have over 400 major retailers including Amazon, Marks & Spencer, WH Smith, Ebay and Next and there are exclusive money-saving offers going on all the time, so it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s totally FREE, plus your details are guaranteed to be kept 100% SECURE and never passed on to third parties. Tell your friends and family about it and spread the word – I use it every time I shop online and it really does work. Click on The Giving Machine’s logo to visit our store.



We’ve been officially accepted by GoFundMe which means you can now set up your own fundraiser for us here: GOFUNDME




If you’re an Ebay user there are several ways you can help:

You can donate anything from 10% to 100% of the profit from your sales directly to us or you can hold a regular auction or even a Special Auction for us, both of which we’ll help you advertise. The quickest way to help is to press ‘like’ on the facebook & twitter links that come up next to our charity, that way we’ll move up the rankings and get even more exposure. Click on the Ebay logo to visit our store…



1-05-Logo-VirginMoneyGivingAnother way to help is to organise your own fun event and make yourself a fund raising page with Virgin Money Giving.

It’s very simple to set up and their site has lots of great ideas about ways to raise money. Better still, think of a totally unique fund raising idea and do your own thing! All you have to do is work out what you’re good at or what you enjoy, and let your light shine – the more inventive, the better we like it. Remember to send us your photos and we’ll add them to the Gallery and News pages. Click here for some ideas and information about why we raise funds the way we do: About Us



Pledge a Pound for Autism Acceptance!


Pledge a Pound for Autism

Regular donations of any size to All Stars can make all the difference to our future. The more people show their support by pledging us some money every month, the easier it is for us to find grant funding because it shows the potential funders that the public believe in what we do.
Signing up to our Pledge a Pound campaign takes just a couple of minutes and we genuinely appreciate every single penny that’s donated more than you can imagine.

Remember to tell your friends and family about the appeal too. If you’ve ever wished for a world where autism is understood and celebrated, here’s an easy, effective way to help.

Sign up here:



Corporate Donations & Tax Relief

Companies can get tax relief on gifts of money to charities. The relief works differently than for individuals, self-employed sole traders and partnerships.
This H M Revenue & Customs link explains how companies can claim tax relief when donating money to charity:

Corporate Responsibility – Employee Match Funding

Many companies now offer matched funding schemes to their employees as part of their Corporate Responsibility package. It’s a really effective way to make their money go further, leading to greater public awareness of their policy.
Match funding schemes allow companies to donate an amount of money to their employees’ fundraising efforts, which can either match the amount they’ve raised or be a fixed amount agreed upfront. They will generally offer both smaller individual and larger group match funding amounts, encouraging staff to work together when raising funds which also acts as a great team building exercise.
There are thousands of companies offering match funding in the UK; the list below shows some of the bigger companies who are already recognised for their efforts:

• Abbey National
• Alliance & Leicester
• Barclays Bank
• BP
• Citibank Group
• Deutsche Bank
• Marks & Spencer
• Royal Bank of Scotland Group
• Santander
• Tesco
• Vodaphone

One way that you’re always very welcome to use of course,
is to donate directly into our bank account.

To make a payment through your bank, quote the following details:

Recipient: Autism All Stars Foundation UK

Receiving Sort Code: 54-30-36

Receiving Bank Account: 39149277

Regular Outgoings

Below are some of our regular outgoings, and show how your money would be used to help keep the charity running, allowing us to continue improving the lives of people living with autism:
• £25 pays for arts & crafts items for young children to use at our events
• £40 pays for a DBS check for one of our Trustees or volunteers
• £50 pays for 50 large first class stamps
• £75 pays for flyers to distribute to schools, colleges & doctors’ surgeries
• £95 pays for posters & flyers to advertise an individual event
• £120 pays for volunteers’ refreshments at one character event
• £130 pays our volunteers’ travel expenses to 6 events
• £250 pays our website hosting and management for a year
• £280 pays for a year’s Public & Employer’s Liability Insurance
• £290 pays for printing ink & paper for a year
• £370 pays for office equipment including printers & laminators
• £530 pays for venue hire for 2 theatrical events
• £2,500 pays for the running of our Autism-Friendly Cinema Club for a year

Absolutely HUGE thanks in advance for all your donations and fund raising, we really do appreciate every single penny.






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