Funds & Finance

Funds & Finance


How Do We Invest Our Funds?

All Stars is a small, independent charity which has been started from scratch without outside funding,
and like all charities in this position, there are many financial demands we have to meet in order to grow.

Money for practical expenses like public liability insurance, flyers, venue hire, website hosting and CRB checks
have all had to be found, and thanks to our amazing supporters, we’ve managed to meet all our legal requirements.

This means the Charity Commission of England & Wales and H.M. Revenue & Customs now

recognise us as a serious venture and have successfully registered us for Gift Aid, the first step on our journey to bigger and better things!

 Regular Outgoings

Below are some of our regular outgoings, and show how your money would be used to help keep the charity running, allowing us to continue improving the lives of people living with autism:
• £25 pays for arts & crafts items for young children to use at our events
• £50 pays for 50 large first class stamps
• £75 pays for flyers to distribute to schools, colleges & doctors’ surgeries
• £95 pays for posters & flyers to advertise an individual event
• £100 pays our website hosting for a year
• £115 pays for volunteers’ refreshments at one character event
• £120 pays our volunteers’ travel expenses to 6 events
• £250 pays for a year’s Public & Employer’s Liability Insurance
• £270 pays for printing ink & paper for a year
• £350 pays for office equipment including printers & laminators
• £500 pays for venue hire for 2 theatrical events
• £1,250 pays for the running of our Surrey Support Group for a year
• £2,150 pays for the running of our Autism-Friendly Cinema Club for a year

So, where are we going now?

Well, we have many plans for the future which will be implemented as our funds increase.
At this stage though, most of our work is about raising our profile and finding new supporters who will help us spread
our message and fund raise on our behalf. Because of the way we raise our funds (using everyone’s talents and skills)
it’s also very much about raising people’s self-esteem at the same time.


We know exactly how hard it is to raise children with autism, and it’s not something we take lightly at all.
We know about the isolation, the destruction, the physical attacks, the disapproval, the rejection,
the emotional rollercoasters, the tears, the guilt and the despair, and that is precisely why All Stars is run the way it is.

We aim to give people something bright, colourful and uplifting to enjoy, not more doom and gloom
– presumably they get enough of that already. We offer them somewhere their children are welcome no matter how they behave;
somewhere people truly understand and accept them; somewhere they can smile and feel just a little less alone.

We organise events that are truly inclusive, where everyone is allowed to shine without judgement,
and through these events, we raise funds to help those same people when the darkness closes in.

At the moment we’re a small charity, but we’re growing,
and as our funds increase, we’ll be able to do more to help.



Here are some of our long term goals, so when you fund raise for All Stars,
this is what you’re contributing towards:

Having our flyers freely available in libraries, schools, colleges, universities, chemists,
doctors’ surgeries, health centres, advice centres and at all other relevant locations.

Training therapists to support people on the spectrum, their parents and carers.
Training speakers to spread a positive message of hope about autism.

Bringing together parents and carers of people from all across the autistic spectrum for mutual support,
without discrimination or division based on the severity of how the condition affects their daily lives.

Running cafes and drop in centres for teenagers and adults on the autistic spectrum, their parents and carers.

Organising day trips and holidays for autistic teenagers and adults, their parents and carers.

Building an online resource, advice and support service for people affected by autism and its related conditions, including epilepsy, dyslexia and Tourette’s.

Making gifts to parents and children struggling with isolation and social exclusion.

Running a befriending scheme for elderly parents of people profoundly affected by autism, giving them peace of mind
that their children will be properly cared for in the event of their death, by people who truly understand the condition.

Opening centres for high functioning autistic people where they can make items to sell for profit, with all proceeds
going directly to help those more profoundly affected, giving both high functioning and profoundly affected people a feeling of being valued.

Funding research into suicide rates in teenagers and young adults with autistic spectrum conditions to allow the government to officially categorise this group as ‘high risk’.

When we have enough funds, we’ll achieve all these things and many, many more besides.

How long it takes us depends on our supporters, so feel free to go out and find your talent,
have some fun with it and raise us some money – we guarantee that every penny you donate goes towards helping people with autism.

Our aim is to improve the lives of those dealing with autism now, and to change the restrictive attitudes of people who see autism as a tragedy or a disease,

by doing this, we aim to make life easier for the generations yet to come.


For more on our intentions, press the link below:

Aims of Autism All Stars

To some it may seem like an impossible task, but to us, the words of Margaret Mead ring loud and true:


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”



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