Our Chairman’s Graduation Day!
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Our Chairman’s Graduation Day!

Our Chairman’s Graduation Day!



Our very proud family


An enormously proud day for both my family and our All Stars family too as my son Dominic (and the charity’s Chairman) graduated from Cardiff University with an Honours Degree in Law and Politics.

Enjoying his graduation lunch


At fourteen, Dominic’s life was turned upside down when his best friend tragically took his own life and for a while things looked very dark for us all. We decided to start Autism All Stars as a tribute to his friend and concentrate on spreading a positive message about autism that celebrated and included everyone, regardless of their abilities, and our wonderful charity is the result.

Naturally Dominic’s grades suffered as he went through the searing grief that follows any bereavement, but he’s pulled himself back up and turned things around through sheer hard work and determination, and today he graduated with Firsts in all his Politics modules and Firsts and high 2:1’s in his Law modules, giving him a fantastic degree from one of the top universities in the country.

I’d like to say a very public thank you to every SEN teacher who believed in him and to every friend who’s accepted him for who he is; your love and support have been invaluable over the years. Most of all though, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Dominic for being such an incredible, unstoppable force of nature who simply refuses to see any of the boundaries other people set for him.


Dominic with his beautiful fiance Mariana


To say I’m proud would be an understatement and I make no apologies for showing off, so please feel free to SHARE THIS FAR & WIDE and let everyone know that when it comes to autism, no matter how unlikely it seems, anything really is possible.