Volunteer of the Year 2015
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Volunteer of the Year 2015

Announcing our Volunteer of the Year 2015



Autism All Stars is run by a small group of highly dedicated volunteers, all of whom are invaluable to us, but there is one who always, without question, goes above and beyond, making the choice of who to name Volunteer of the Year an easy one!

Bevan Sene is a truly remarkable young man who has a totally positive attitude not only to life in general but also to his autism. He doesn’t drive, and makes his way to our events by train no matter how far away they might be, often travelling for hours to support us and never asking for anything in return.

It’s not unusual to see Bevan staggering along under the weight of hundreds of perfectly baked cupcakes he’s made for us from scratch and arranging them on his stalls at our events throughout Surrey and Kent.

His home-made costumes (including Billy from Gremlins, Freddie Mercury and Marty McFly) are legendary, as is his performance as our mascots Tom & Jerry and Po and he made the perfect Shaggy for our Scooby Doo Gang!

He also runs an EBay store where he sells a variety of recycled objects and his own handmade items such as vinyl records transformed into bowls and cake stands. Bevan always donates part of the profits from his store to us and includes our flyers in every parcel he sends out.

He’s inspired many autism parents with his work at our Kent Cookery Club, helping young autistic children and their siblings learn both cooking and social skills in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment.

Last year Bevan undertook a ‘One Man Autism All Stars Tour’ photographing himself wearing his All Stars t-shirt in all kinds of different locations. He’s spread the word about All Stars far and wide and has been personally responsible for several donations coming our way from large companies and organisations.


If you meet him at events he’s always smiling and is wonderful with the public even though he struggles with social situations like the majority of people on the spectrum.

Bevan is already hard at work planning on getting a team together to complete this challenge for us: TEAM ALL STARS so do feel free to contact us here at All Stars if you’d like to take part. Free t-shirts and many hugs will be given!

We recently surprised him with his certificate and a hamper, and although we listened to his assurances that he’s ‘really not amazing at all’ we’re going to have to disagree.

So…thank you Bevan, from everyone at Autism All Stars and on behalf of every autistic child who benefits from our work. Thank you for inspiring parents to believe in their children’s potential by being a wonderful, enthusiastic and thoroughly lovely man.

You can see a little tribute video we made for Bevan to celebrate his contribution to the charity here: BEVAN ROCKS!!

Here’s to 2016 and another year of raising funds, autism awareness, self-esteem and lots and lots of smiles!