Volunteer of the Year 2016
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Volunteer of the Year 2016

Announcing our Volunteer of the Year 2016



Autism All Stars is run by a small group of highly dedicated volunteers, all of whom are invaluable to us, but there’s one who always supports us no matter what he’s going through, and we appreciate it more than we can say.

Chris Messetter is the person we ALL want to see at our events. His positive energy really lifts everyone’s spirits, and despite dealing with some very hard situations in his private life, he’s always there with a smile and a joke.



The public love him, so you can guarantee no matter how many cakes we give him, he’ll sell out long before the event is over!




This year Chris completed a ten kilometer walk in blazing sunshine dressed in full costume which is definitely not something for the faint-hearted!



We recently surprised him with his certificate and a hamper, and he was genuinely taken aback – he has no idea how brilliant he is, which is one of his most endearing qualities.

So…thank you Chris, from everyone at Autism All Stars and on behalf of every autistic child who benefits from our work. Thank you for keeping our spirits up and always being there when we need you.

You can see a little tribute video we made for Chris to celebrate his contribution to the charity here: CHRIS ROCKS!!

Here’s to 2017 and another year of raising funds, autism awareness, self-esteem and lots and lots of smiles!