Through Darkness We Shine
Through Darkness We Shine


Volunteering for Autism All Stars




We have many fantastic plans for the future which include running support groups and befriending schemes, donating practical items to organisations who want to be more autism-friendly, supporting autistic people after their caregivers have passed away, and all kinds of great social activities, but to achieve any of these plans we’ll need three things:

•              People who are willing to help us

•              People who’d like our help and are aware of what we do

•              Funding to set these plans in motion and keep them going

At this stage therefore, most of our volunteer roles involve spreading awareness about Autism All Stars and helping us raise funds. Once we’ve established a large enough group of volunteers and sufficient people are aware of what we do, we can move on to bigger things and help even more people, so if you’d like to be part of making the world a happier, more accepting place for autistic people and their loved ones, here are just a few of the ways you can help us achieve our goals…



Online Volunteers 

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Due to the nature of autism and the people we want to reach, much of the work we do is based online, and one of the most important things you can do to help us is to spread the word across the internet about what we have to offer.

Online Volunteers recommend Autism All Stars to people on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, You Tube, Instagram  and other social networking sites, to help us recruit new members. They mention us in a positive, friendly way in online forums and chat rooms and pass our links and pictures around to help spread our message of positivity. They also spread the word about our upcoming events and our online fundraising options such as Facebook Fundraisers, the Giving Machine, Amazon Smile, the Giving Lottery, GoFundMe and Virgin Money Giving. Those with more time to invest sell items for us on Ebay, either selling their own goods and donating a percentage to us, or arranging collections of donated items and selling them in an All Stars charity auction. Details of all these ways to help, and lots more, can be found here: FUNDRAISING FOR ALL STARS




Media Volunteers 

One of the most important aims of Autism All Stars is to spread a more positive light on autism and its associated conditions, and there are many ways our Media Volunteers can help us achieve this. As the name suggests, Media Volunteers contact magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations and let them know about what we do. Those with more time to spare also contact public figures and celebrities with an interest in autism with a view to enlisting their support and finding Autism All Stars a Patron. They also share their funny, positive, encouraging stories with us about life with autism, the best of which will eventually be published as a book to raise even more funds as well as lots of smiles and self-esteem. If you have any stories like that, we’d love to hear them – every bit of positivity and humour we spread really does change lives for the better.





Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Teams arrange all kinds of great fund raising events including quiz nights, fancy dress parties, race nights, bake sales, sponsored walks, dress down days, boot sales, discos, sponsored swims/slims/bike rides, BBQ’s, picnics and Christmas Jumper days…the list is endless! There will be lots of information about autism at each event, and the idea behind this type of volunteering is to set up social activities where like-minded people can get to know each other and have some fun while building the foundations of future Autism All Stars support and friendship groups.




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Publicity Volunteers

At this stage, our main publicity campaign is based in Surrey, Sussex and the surrounding areas, so if this is where you’re based, we’d love to hear from you. Publicity Volunteers are responsible for distributing flyers and putting up posters about our upcoming events. Those with a little more time to spare also contact a variety of locations to arrange the display of our flyers. These include schools, colleges, universities, doctors’ & dentists’ surgeries, homeopaths, osteopaths, offices, sports clubs, gyms, shops and hospitals. They also make sure every location has enough flyers and are responsible for re-stocking them as and when it becomes necessary.





Event Volunteers

Autism All Stars has already gained a great reputation for putting on fantastically colourful, fun and inclusive events, so we’re always looking for people to help us out with them. Event Volunteers help in all kinds of ways, and these include collecting donations for our raffles, baking cakes and cookies for us to sell, transporting goods, setting up and decorating our venues, running our craft stalls, directing the public to our events, stewarding and providing security and packing up afterwards. Those with a little more time to spare also help our Publicity Volunteers to distribute flyers and display posters in the local area prior to an event.




Corporate Volunteersgroup_meeting_puzzle_final_step

One of the best ways for Autism All Stars to grow is to find businesses who are willing to support us with either donations or services, and this is where our Corporate Volunteers come in. Many companies have policies that promise to match any fundraising amounts their employees raise, and our Corporate Volunteers can really boost our income by putting this into practice. They also speak to the people in charge of charity fund raising at their workplace and ask them to consider adding Autism All Stars to their list of approved charities, so that fund raising events can be held for us on their premises. Corporate Volunteers with more time to spare also write to large companies asking for donations or sponsorship for Autism All Stars and to others such as printers or caterers asking for the donation of their services in return for free promotion at our events and online.

Details of how Corporate Donations and tax relief work, as well as Corporate Responsibility and Employee Match Funding can be found on our Fundraise page here: FUNDRAISING FOR ALL STARS


If you’re interested in volunteering for Autism All Stars, just fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can.

Please note that although anyone can raise funds for us unofficially, as stated in our Safeguarding guidelines, to be an official representative of Autism All Stars you must pass a DBS check, which we can help you arrange.


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